Acer Chromebase for meetings

The Problem: so you bought a used chromebook or chromebase and you encounter the enterprise enrollment. in other words its asking you for your google credentials but your credentials dont work because your chrome device is managed by the original organization that purchased it..

To return a Chromebase 24 for meetings device to its original (factory) state, follow these steps:

  1. Connect the mouse and keyboard to the device.
  2. Put a paperclip (or pushpin) into the recovery button hole while turning on the device. The recovery button hole is located on the back of the Chromebase device.
  3. Press Ctrl + D.
  4. Press the recovery button with the paperclip again. The device will reboot and the screen will display a red exclamation mark.
  5. Press Ctrl + D. The Chromebase will reboot and start the transition to developer mode. This clears all local data. The deletion takes approximately 10 minutes.
  6. After this process is completed, press the spacebar at the bootup screen.
  7. Press Enter to return to verified mode. The device will reboot and re-enter verified mode.

inside the Acer Chromebase 24


this alone won’t likely work, if not, continue:

if you skip this you will get this error: flashromPartialWrite() so read on carefully

you’ll haft to get into the system and remove the rewrite screw. on the Acer Chromebase 24 if a bit difficult to open the case, but very doable. 3 screws at the bottom and then a couple pry tools should do the trick, unlike most laptops, or other all in ones, this particular model is difficult to get in simply because of the rigidity of the plastic and design. lay it on its face, remove the stand, then the 3 screws at the bottom edge, once those are off, its a matter of prying the back off. once this is done, you will see a whole lot of sheet metal covering all the electronics, remove what you can and you’ll find a motherboard and on this motherboard is the rewrite screw, take it off and boot the machine back up.

get yourself into developer mode then type (Ctrl-Alt-F2) to bring up the command prompt then follow the steps below

Type: chronos

Press Enter

Type: sudo su

Space after “sudo”.

Press Enter

Type: vpd -l (lowercase L)

Space after “vpd”.

Once you type vpd -l, this will display the current motherboards information including the motherboards current serial number.

Press Enter

Type: vpd -s “serial_number”=”0000000000X”

Space after “vpd”, Space after “-s”.

The Product S/N will be the Serial Number with the last letter. Make sure the serial number is CAPITAL letters.

Press Enter

Type: vpd -s “Product_S/N”=”0000000000”

Space after “vpd”, Space after “-s”.

The Product S/N will be the Serial Number without the last letter. Make sure the serial number is CAPITAL letters.

Press Enter

If flashromPartialWrite() error displays go back to the Read/Write Copper where you have removed the sticker and re-clean the area with alcohol and try again. Make sure you shut down the chromebook and remove the battery before cleaning.

Type: dump_vpd_log –force

Space after “dump_vpd_log”.

Press Enter

Type: dump_vpd_log –full –stdout

Space after “dump_vpd_log”, Space after “–full”.

Press Enter

You can now type “vpd -l” then Enter to verify that the serial number has changed.

Once the S/N change has been verified

Press F3 + Power

This will reboot the system back to the screen that says, “Chrome OS verification turned off”

Press the Spacebar to re-enable the Chrome OS Verification.

Press Enter to restart the system.


Alienware Aurora R4 Command Center

so you bought yourself an Alienware R4 rig a few years back, you want to get your value out of the thing so upgrading to windows 10 is the logical thing to do. but wait Command Center no longer works?

The Problem: windows 10 doesn’t play nice with the Command Center software provided by Dell/Alienware.

The Solution: Command Center 3.6 in compatibility mode is your solution. download it here. run it in compatibility mode for windows 8.1 you also must designate window 8.1 on Dells download page for CC3.6 to even show up.

Windows 10 upgrade assistant stuck at 99%

I’ve fixed this problem simply by updating windows 7 past SP1 and when that fails I’ve installed the convenience rollup etc. but when those failed me this is what worked.

Before using the Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant, perform these steps:

  • set Windows 7 updates to “Never install updates“, (control panel ->updates).
  • Stop the update service by right clicking on the command prompt, and choose “Run as administrator“.
  • Type

    It should say: “Windows update service is stopping….windows update service is stopped.

  • Windows update service is stopping

After completing the above steps, start the Windows 10 Upgrade assistant, and it should complete.

How to read Mac OS HFS drives in Windows for free

Need to copy files from a Mac-formatted HFS hard disk on a Windows PC? We show you how to do it for free. It even works with Windows 10

Download HFSExplorer. you may also need Java SE Runtime Environment if you don’t already have it. Install the program using the default settings. You’ll end up with a new program in your Start menu: HFSExplorer.

Connect your USB drive. HFSExplorer works with drives formatted with HFS, HFS+ and HFSX.

Run HFSExplorer (using Windows 10 here and it works fine)

The next step is to select the hard disk by clicking File > Load file system from device. If you have only one hard disk inside your PC or laptop, it’s likely that your USB drive will appear as Harddisk1/Partition1, but it may be Harddisk2/Partition1. If your USB disk has more than one partition, you’ll need to choose the one where the files you want are stored.

When you’ve selected the right disk, you should see its contents displayed in a Windows Explorer-like tree structure.

final step, select files and extract!

Microsoft Word Graph Paper?

this is what your problem looks like..

this is what your problem looks like..

The Problem: Microsoft Word (any version) is displaying graph paper on screen.

The Solution: this is not difficult to fix but knowing where to look is key. and there are several solutions. here is the most common.

  • Office 2003: go to the draw menu – Grid – uncheck the Gridlines option
  • Office 2007/2010: click View, de-select “Gridlines” in the “Show” group.


how do I hide the 100MB system partition?

The Problem: so you’ve installed windows and all went well until you notice for some reason the 100MB system partition thats usually invisible in “my computer” is now visible and annoying you..

The Solution: in your start menu, right click on “computer”, in the submenu that appears click on “manage” the will open the “computer management” window. once there you’ll notice theres lots to look at.. but look to the left of the window and click on “disk management” this will list all the drives your computer has. a drive called “system reserved” should appear here. right click on it and click on “change drive letter and paths…” simply remove the drive letter using the window that opens.

start menu

computer management