Microsoft Word Graph Paper?

this is what your problem looks like..

this is what your problem looks like..

The Problem: Microsoft Word (any version) is displaying graph paper on screen.

The Solution: this is not difficult to fix but knowing where to look is key. and there are several solutions. here is the most common.

  • Office 2003: go to the draw menu – Grid – uncheck the Gridlines option
  • Office 2007/2010: click View, de-select “Gridlines” in the “Show” group.


can’t type your password at the “Welcome” screen in XP

The Problem: so you’ve logged out of your windows XP computer to find that when you try to log back into your account you cant type your password.

According to Microsoft support this problem may occur if you have installed any of the updates that are described in the following Microsoft Knowledge Base articles:

884883  Multiple versions of Comctl32.dll may cause both Windows XP style and Windows Classic style windows to appear in Windows XP
  MS06-015: Vulnerability in Windows Explorer could lead to remote code execution
  MS05-016: Vulnerability in Windows Shell that could allow remote code execution
  MS06-045: Vulnerability in Windows Explorer could allow remote code execution
  MS05-049: Vulnerabilities in the Windows shell could allow for remote code execution
  MS06-057: Vulnerability in Windows Explorer could allow remote code execution

The Solution: not necessarily a fix but I did find this work-around that seems to work, use the classic logon screen to log on. follow these steps:

  1. Press CTRL+ALT+DEL two times while the Welcome screen is displayed. For example, press all three keys at the same time, release all three keys, and then press the three keys again.
  2. Type your account name in the User name box.
  3. Type your password in the Password box.
  4. Click OK.

Sonic Focus Driver

The Problem: a pop up at startup notifies the user that “Sonic Focus drivers must be loaded for this application to work” and your audio may or may not be working. also noteworthy is that this issue seems to be caused by using windows update to update the audio driver, specifically; “IDT High Definition Audio Codec”. avoid/hide this one if you can.

A Sonic Focus dialog box telling you something you don't want to hear.

The Solution:

1. Go to your system drive, typically your “C” drive
2. Go to Program Files
3. Go to SigmaTel folder
4. You should see an Install Shield Wizard, install it.

Alternative Fix: not necessarily a fix but it will at least get rid of the annoying pop-up.

press Start -> Run, and type “msconfig” in the command box. this will open the System Configuration Utility window.

Click on the “Startup” tab

Find IntelAudioStudio in the Item list.

Clear the checkbox.

Additional Information: check out the intel forums on this exact issue.. it will cover much of what I’ve said here with some additional ideas.. but I can only vouch for what I’ve written here as being something that worked for me, enjoy.

Windows xp Update Error 0x80072F76

The Problem: When accessing the Windows Update Web site to check for and install updates, you receive error number: 0x80072F76

The Specifics: according to Microsoft support, this error is caused by interruptions in communications between the computer to be updated and the update to be downloaded. the specific error: ERROR_WINHTTP_HEADER_NOT_FOUND. this clued me into the fact that there was at least some communication taking place.

The Solution: In my case, I found the issue to be with my hardware firewall. but I imagine this issue can be caused by any number of network related issues, anything preventing or hindering network data.  so a good course of action for this error (or related errors) is to turn off any unnecessary network/security software and take a look at your hardware.