Cant log out of google on iphone

The Problem: so you’ve noticed that when you try to log out of your google account through your iphone, nothing happens. no error message, nothing. restarting doesn’t help and neither does clearing your phones history.

The Solution: go to settings, then to swipe down to safari, and clear your history and cookies/data from here. this will fix your problem.

iphone safari settings screen

click "Clear Cookies and Data" to fix your log out problem

Additional Info: there’s some confusion when it comes to internet history so here’s a brief explanation of the terminology;

  1. cookies: files which are used by websites to determine things like whether you’re logged in or not and as who.
  2. history: list of visited pages (which are used to suggest website to visit when you’re typing on the navigation bar/web-address bar)
  3. files/data: this is used by your browser in case you’re loading a page from an earlier session to save time.