WordPress, Godaddy and forwarded domains

If you’re like me then you do a lot of WordPress work, creating databases, installing and/or customizing wordpress themes, plugins and a host of related duties. that being said, once in a while you run into the occasional “not-so-well-documented” installation problem….

The Scenario: you already have a WordPress blog up and running with a large number of posts made by a client. They decide they want a different domain name.. you do the most practical thing by forwarding the new domain to the old blog. problem solved right?

The Problem: your new domain name forwards to your old blog but the masking is all wrong. so you go to your site using www.newsiteexample.com and it works with correct domain listed in the address bar but once you click on a link to a specific post or page it shows your old domain.

The Solution: to do this right, you must have a deluxe hosting plan with Godaddy to properly forward a domain.. and just to be clear, its not technically forwarding as its typically understood to be. Godaddy calls this domain aliasing. and you must have this correct. the problem here may look like its related to a Godaddy setting somewhere but its not. the solution actually resides within WordPress.

be extra careful with the site address field, do you're homework before adjusting

once you install WordPress it remembers its location despite the updated domain alias. to fix this simply go to your WordPress settings under the general section and update the “site address (URL)” section to the new domain. be very very careful with this setting. you could be making more work for yourself if your problem is different then what I’ve described above. wordpress.org has the complete how to on this.. which in my case wasn’t applicable for reasons I’m not entirely clear about but presumably because my URL update was in response to my aliased domain.