adv-entures in video codecs!

Next one up: video codecs that should be obsolete!..

The Problem: you’ve got a video file; avi, mpeg, etc that wont play.

The Solution: your experience WILL vary.

  1. Find what codec was used to encode the video file, to do this.. you can look for the error code that VLC will throw out. or you can download a small little program called G-spot (careful when searching for that) in fact I’ll save you the effort and give you the download link; G-spot download there you go.
  2. Download the actual codec. this part can be fun… or not. in my case I needed the ADV1 codec. which is old and uncommon and generally used for security system and/or CCTV recordings. and of course hard to find. there’s many different developers for codecs so the whole process of searching for them and installing them varies depending on what you need.

often times no specific error is given for video playback issues. after trying 3 different players, only VLC gave me an error prompt with the information I needed.

a little info about the ADV1 codec for those that are interested; its also known as the Loronix Wavelet codec. Loronix, being the developer, doesnt seem to support the codec any more and as such I was unable to find a download package anywhere on there website. however I did find one single page with a downloadable file. which I’m posting here for convenience.

ADV1 Codec Download: Loronix.Wavelet.codec.v3.0